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Tax Preparation Accounting Joliet, IL

Are you interested in outsourcing accounting services? We provide the best tax and accounting services in Joliet, Illinois that you need. We are committed to quality and excellence in all of our services. We pride ourselves on our professional and

efficient tax services that leave our clients satisfied and requesting more. We are thorough and pay meticulous attention to your tax preparation to get the most out of your tax returns.


Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services is an accounting firm known for its top-grade and exceptional services. We specialize in all tax matters and meet whatever tax or accounting needs our clients may have. Our team of professional and experienced accountants efficiently works to ensure that all services are delivered promptly and in accordance with the client’s wishes. We aim to surpass the expectations of our clients, making sure they’re fully satisfied with our services.


    Our Services

    We are professional and certified accountants who provide excellent tax services for businesses and individuals. We specialize in tax planning, tax filing, and preparation for all our clients. We have expert bookkeepers who offer both remote and virtual bookkeeping services alongside payroll services to our clients. We create efficient systems for handling the finances of your business and provide regular financial statements and reports. Our notary services are always available whenever you need to get an official document notarized. Our CPA Joliet offers exceptional business services to our clients irrespective of the size of their business.

    Tax Preparation Services

    Our team of licensed and expert tax preparers can plan and prepare your tax returns in time to avoid any last-minute hassle. We also help you get the most of your tax returns by identifying all tax deductions there. We provide our clients with expert advice, helping them grow their finances by making smart decisions. Whether your tax needs are individual or for your business, we can handle them efficiently.

    Bookkeeping Services

    Bookkeeping can become stressful when business owners are trying to run the business and also keep records of the books. This is where we come in. Our certified bookkeepers are able to efficiently monitor and maintain the finances of your business, keeping track of all financial records and transactions made. This allows the business owner to focus on managing and running the business successfully. We also handle payroll services for employees, income and balance statements, accounts payable and accounts receivable. We keep you up-to-date by preparing regular financial statements and analysis of cash flow.

    As a small business owner, bookkeeping was really tough for me until I meet Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services. Now I don't need to worry about keeping track of my financial transactions because they do all that for me! Definitely getting a referral from me." - Jake. F

    Notary Services

    At Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services, we offer notary services for people who need to get an official document notarized. Whether it’s a will, trust fund, estate, or property deed, our authorized notary public is always available to help you get the documents signed. Once you arrive with all necessary documents and a valid means of identification, the notary public will witness you sign and also seal the document. The process is quite easy and you will be done in no time.

    Business Services

    Our tax and accounting services are available to all businesses irrespective of the size. We offer free QuickBooks software and free QuickBooks training for startups and small businesses. We also provide business services for online accounting small business. We engage in all tax-related business services such as tax planning and preparation, auditing, and bookkeeping services for our clients.

    Preparing my tax returns myself was horrible. I often made mistakes and then I worried if I didn't. I got tax liability that Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services handled for me. They represented me in front of the IRS and got it all sorted out. Ever since, they've planned and prepared my tax returns and I've got no issues." - Tessy. Z

    Services For Individuals

    ‚ÄčFamilies and individuals also have tax needs that we can meet and handle for them. From living wills, estate planning, trust beneficiaries to retirement plans, Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services is at your service. We know tax can get burdensome and complex at times and that’s why we aim to relieve you of stress by getting it all done for you. We provide tax planning and preparation services and also individual representation if there is any tax liability or government audit.

    Audit Services

    At Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services, we have professional and experienced auditors who specialize in external auditing for various companies and firms. We meticulously check through the financial statements, making sure there are no errors or misstatements and providing our unbiased opinion on the company’s finances. We also offer tax consulting and advisory services to our clients. We stand as representatives for our clients before any government agency, if an audit is required.

    Our company needed an external auditor and Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services was recommended. They provided very satisfactory results and even offered consultation and financial advise. We are surely going to rehire soon." - Adam. L

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    ‚ÄčThere are many advantages to hiring a professional tax and accounting firm to take care of all your tax needs. Whether you run a business or you need personal tax services, Joliet Tax Preparation and Accounting Services are available to meet your needs. Our staff is friendly and experienced and they are dedicated to delivering excellent results to all our clients. Whatever tax issues you may have, they are available to handle it and get it sorted out as soon as possible. If you want to employ our services, contact us via email, customer care phone line,, or fill the form on this site.